Avoiding password stress with Sticky Password

There are so many websites and communities out there that require unique credentials for logging in. Over time, if you’re like me, you’ll end up with a whole pile of different usernames and passwords for every which place.

Sticky Password Pro 6 steps in to solve those problems. The program acts as a master database of all of your usernames and passwords, taking care of the memorization and letting you relax your brain just a bit.

Sticky Password is your personal password and form filling manager. It makes browsing, website and application login fast and secure. It protects your passwords, personal notes and bookmarks on your computer and on the road.

With Sticky Password, you can:

  • login automatically to your favorite websites
  • fill in online forms with one click
  • generate, encrypt, and store strong passwords
  • protection against identity theft, phishing and key-loggers
  • easily manage your application and website passwords
  • USB portable version: take all your passwords with you

Click the video below to see Sticky Password in action