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Do you need a website designed but have been quoted outrageous prices ?
Well, you’ve come to the right place !


Affordable, effective websites for your business.

Websites are far cheaper and much more flexible than print advertising. Websites also allow your business to become accessible from anywhere in the world by a potential customer that has internet access.  Unlike shop fronts, websites are also open 24/7/365. 


It’s quick and easy to get a website up and running with Tailormade IT Solutions. We can help advise your business on purchasing a domain name (eg a suggest a suitable, small web/email hosting plan. Other than those annual provider fees, all that’s left is our one off website building fee.



“All I want to do is add a picture to the site, and the designers take weeks to update it, then charge me $100!”


Have you experienced issues with other website designers, who maintain control of the website causing unnecessary delays? Well don’t…


You own the keys to the website!

Tailormade IT Solutions will create an effective and affordable website that suits your needs and is easy to update.  We will provide you with training and all logins/passwords so that YOU can maintain creative control, and quickly modify the content.


Save money updating your own website!

Easy to use photo galleries to showcase your products, mean you no longer have to pay a website developer to maintain your website.


Cheap Website Design - Tailormade IT Solutions


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