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If your PC is not performing well, is taking ages to startup/shutdown, or popping up strange ads – your PC could have a virus.

If your PC is not performing well, it may be due to a virus/malicious software (malware) infection.  We are highly experienced in virus removal – removing, repairing and recovering from malware infections such as malicious toolbars, browser/search hijacks, viruses, ransom-ware, and other forms of malware.  Tailormade IT Solutions combines high level customer service and technical skills to put your mind at rest, while straightening our your PC.

virus removal ransomware

Beware of ransomware – a virus that commonly arrived via email attachments, and when opened, silently infects your computer, encrypts your data, and demands a ransom be paid to decrypt your data.  The worst varieties of ransomware uses unbreakable encryption and also encrypts data on any attached USB drives – often resulting in your backup data being encrypted as well.  While the amount of ransom demanded varies widely, Tailormade IT Solutions has seen it ranging from AU$600 to $1200, depending on how quickly you offer to pay the ransom.


virus removal kaspersky

Tailormade IT Solutions uses and recommends Kaspersky antivirus products, which provide a superior level of security ranging from Email scanning, Web scanning, Safe Money browsing mode, Application control, Virtual keyboard and more.

Safe Money mode is a particularly good feature, as it removes all internet browser extensions and toolbars.  This  has prevented clients bank accounts being raided by preventing their passwords being stolen through malicious web browser toolbar add-ons.

More information about Kaspersky Safe Money is available here (PDF).


In an effort to keep customers safe, Tailormade IT Solutions offers Kaspersky software 1 year subscriptions at heavily reduced prices.



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