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Tailormade IT Solutions offers an affordably priced, remote computer support service which clients use to have small problems quickly resolved.  Many Windows, Internet, Facebook and Email issues can be resolved via this method, as well as speeding up PCs, cleaning up PCs, and dealing with virus infections.

remote technical support - teamviewer

Tailormade IT Solutions uses TeamViewer to perform remote computer support, largely because of its track record of security, and that TeamViewer is deliberately designed to be unsuitable for covertly monitoring computers – allowing clients to feel safe.  Tailormade IT Solutions has a Privacy Policy and Remote Access Disclaimer.


Remote computer support is only available when you manually start the TeamViewer software, which is clearly indicated by a pop-up box and a black background. You are always in control and able to end the remote computer support session at any time by closing the pop-up box.

Further information on TeamViewer security is available at

remote technical support - DownloadTeamViewer

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