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Unicenta oPOS - Helper NotesThis guide shows how to use Unicenta oPOS and its Customer Accounts feature.  All images below can be clicked on for a larger image.


Customer Account Notes

Customer account notes are added to a customers account by selecting CUSTOMER from the menu on the left, where you can create, view and delete customer accounts.  The customer details screen also contains a NOTES tab.

Unicenta oPOS - Helper Notes - 1 - Add Customer Notes

Pic 1: Adding customer with note.


Sales to Customer Account

When staff are conducting a sale, the first step is to link the sale to the customers account.  Once completed and on to the PAYMENT screen, selecting the payment option of DEBT shows the customer note.

Unicenta oPOS - Helper Notes - 2 - Sale To Customer Account With Note

Pic 2: Conducting sale to customer account, displaying note

The customer account note is useful for displaying a spoken password that the customer must quote in order to complete a sale to the account.


Customer Payment

When the customer gives cash to pay all or part of their account, this is done by selecting CUSTOMER PAYMENT from the left hand menu, then searching for the customer account. The customer account notes are shown, along with their current debt and debt limit.  Customer account notes can be updated on this screen.

Unicenta oPOS - Helper Notes - 3 - Customer Payment - Update Notes

Pic 3: Receiving customer account payment, updating notes

Clicking the PAY button will bring up he PAYMENT window, where a part payment can be keyed in.

Unicenta oPOS - Helper Notes - 4 - Customer Payment - Part

Pic 4: Receiving part customer payments

The customer account is automatically updated and displayed back on the CUSTOMER PAYMENT screen (Pic 3).


Customer Account Report

The CUSTOMER DIARY report displays the various transactions occurring on a customer account.  The report is produced by selecting CUSTOMER from the left hand menu, then CUSTOMER DIARY.  Enter the dates and search for / select the customer and click RUN REPORT.

Unicenta oPOS - Helper Notes - 5 - Customer Diary Report

Pic 5: Displaying customer account diary report



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