Tailormade IT Solutions can help your business run more efficiently by installing a customized POS system.

Point of Sale (POS) systems are the modern-day cash register which performs both sales transactions, and allows in depth reporting of sales and customer data.  POS systems are available in a range of styles and budgets, and generally consist of a computer with a touchscreen capable monitor, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner and a receipt printer.  What sets them apart is their database of products and their ability to report on sales.

Our POS systems are tailormade to suit your businesses requirements. We use a wide range of POS hardware suppliers and have experience installing touchscreen and keyboard based POS systems with and without barcode scanners, receipt printers, EFTPOS devices and cash drawers. Your POS system can be anything device from an old PC, a laptop or a all-in-one touchscreen.


What POS software should you use ?

The best POS software is the one that suits your business. POS system software can be very expensive, and we therefore specialize in Open Source POS software such as OpenBravo and UniCenta oPOS. We also have experience using a range of other popular POS software including MYOB Retail Manager , POSper, Quicken POS, Restaurant Maid.

 Unicenta POS system by Tailormade IT Solutions

Talk to us about Unicenta, the open source POS software which is a powerful and flexible, commercial-grade business-ready touchscreen POS software for Bars, Cafe’s, Restaurants and all types of Retail stores.



Add a Customer Display Screen

Tailormade IT can also introduce a second computer screen to your Point of Sale system, which is used to display pricing and advertising to customers. While customers are waiting to be served, serve them an advertisement for your business. The following slideshow demonstrates both screens in action.


So how does the process work ?

Tailormade IT Solutions will liaise with you to determine your individual needs and provide you with a written quote. Once accepted, we will require a deposit to cover the cost of parts (in a similar fashion to a carpenter with his wood) . Tailormade IT Solutions then install a POS system for you with the minimum of fuss, including setting up networking, barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, EFTPOS devices and touch screens.


The assistance doesn’t end there – Tailormade IT Solutions will also customize your system to make it more useable for you. Customizing includes:

POS systems: Get your fre quote now

  • Single and Multiple POS terminals
  • Custom user account permissions
  • 5c Rounding for Australian market
  • Discount buttons eg: Seniors Card, Staff Discount
  • Kitchen and/or Bar docket printing
  • Custom receipts with your business logo
  • Custom reports


We also provide cheat sheets to assist business owners to use Unicenta effectively. An example is this cheat sheet on using Unicenta Sales to Accounts feature.


Our installations are performed after a careful examination of your business, and can be performed side-by-side with an existing system, allowing little to no downtime when changing over systems.

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