Do you share data between your computers and smart phones using floppy disks, memory cards or USB sticks ?

Tailormade IT Solutions can network your computers together for you, so that you can share this data much faster and more conveniently.  Networking hardware is inexpensive and provides real benefits.

Networking computers together also allow users to share their printers, folders, internet connections, and use multi-player LAN games.

Don’t waste money duplicating IT hardware – network it and share, share, share!


Network Attached Storage devices

Netgear ReadyNAS duoWith multiple devices connecting to your home/business network, all wanting access to data, you may want to purchase a dedicated data server, also known as Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

NAS devices store data independently of computers and allow for sophisticated sharing across the network.  They also provide remote access to the data stored on the NAS.

Tailormade IT Solutions can purchase, install and securely setup these devices for you.


Are you unhappy with the speed/consistency of your network ?

If you already have a network (cabled or wireless) and are unhappy with the performance of it, contact Tailormade IT Solutions for a network audit.

This service will document your network and identify problems and upgrades available to ensure you are receiving maximum performance.

A common complaint is intermittent wireless connections, which are often caused by miconfigurations and interference from other wireless networks.

Tailormade I.T. Solutions can improve your internet experience by conducting an audit of your local wireless network environment, and ensuring your wireless network is free from interference from neighbours.


Wireless Network Environment Auditing

Wireless Network auditing

In many cases, intelligent reconfiguration of your network will provide real performance benefits, but when appropriate you will also receive advice about installing additional/replacement hardware to maximize network performance.


Don’t put up with intermittent wireless connections – join the many Home and Business customers that have benefited from a Wireless Network Environment audit and achieved maximum network performance!
 Wireless Networking



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