For people who cannot use computers and struggle with mobile phones, it can be a real challenge to remain in contact with loved ones. Often families and friends are spread across the world, and phone calls can be difficult due to time differences and the need for both parties to be present at the same time.

Not only can Tailormade IT Solutions customize your computer to make it easier to use, we also create simple cheat sheets, and provide one to one IT training for clients who are struggling with technology.

Tailormade IT Solutions is here to help with Tailormade IT Training packages available for you – anything from basic computer use through to more complex tasks like Video Editing and DVD Production.


With over 10 years experience dealing with the elderly and the disabled, you can expect to be treated with honesty, integrity, compassion and professionalism.


Tailormade IT Training



“Internet access provides an important opportunity for mental stimulation, which is closely tied to older people’s health and well-being,’ he explains. ‘It is also a liberating outlet for those confined to a single building on a day-to-day basis. Everyone living in retirement facilities deserves to experience these benefits.

“Elderly people are going online in greater numbers to communicate electronically, providing a lifeline to those who live far away from family or who cannot leave their homes easily.” [UK Daily Telegraph]

Email is the most popular activity among our participants, with its ability to send photographs being of particular value. However, some participants are also developing an interest in researching family histories online, and the group has a growing presence on Facebook.”


Tailormade IT Training


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