data security
Most PC behaviour can be controlled to some extent.  Tailormade IT Solutions can help you secure your private information in a number of ways:

  • Custom Backups – backup routines that protect your data locally, across a network, or to the cloud.
  • Data Security – encrypting your data so that it is secure if lost or hacked.
  • Idiot Proofing – locking folders of information so that it can’t be easily deleted.
  • Parental Control – controlling access to information.
  • Data Destruction – Ensuring safe PC recycling, and preventing identity theft.


Tailormade IT Solutions uses a range of access control, data encryption and destruction software to keep your private information safe.


Data Destruction

Many users don’t consider what data they have left on a PC when disposing of it.  Sometimes users do delete information, or reformat the hard drive – but that doesn’t stop another person retrieving that deleted data.

Tailormade IT Solutions data destruction services ensures that all your personal information is completely wiped, preventing identity theft.


data security services


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