data recovery melbourne

Has your hard drive suddenly stopped working properly?

Have you ever deleted a folder of data that you need back? 
or have you ever accidentally reformatted your USB stick, which contained all your holiday photos ?


data recovery melbourne from $150

DONT PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to get your data recovered,call Tailormade IT Solutions to the rescue!

This software data recovery service applies to Hard Disk Drives, USB sticks and Memory Cards, and will be collectively referred to as ‘media’ on this page.


About our Data Recovery Service

Tailormade IT Solutions uses several forensic data recovery tools (the type used to catch cyber criminals) to ‘scrape’ a client’s media for deleted/damaged data. With a proven track record of success you will be happy with the recovery, and the cost.

Please note: Tailormade IT Solutions Software Data Recovery Service does not include hardware failures which need to be disassembled in a clean room environment.


Data Recovery Terms Of Service

1. Tailormade IT Solutions provides an affordable data recovery service, which involves investigation, approval and completion stages.  The client understands that all care is taken to ensure no further damage is done to the data during the investigation process.

2. Tailormade IT Solutions will investigate the media for no cost, and then contact the client to explain what was wrong with the media, and the likelihood of a successful data recovery.  We will then ask the client to select their preferred data recovery options and provide “Approval to Proceed” with the data recovery.  The client understands that no data recover will occur until these options have been submitted.

3. The client understands and agreed that proving “Approval to Proceed” with a Data Recovery means that the client will incur a Data Recovery Service Fee, payable on delivery of the data:

– $150.00 for Non-urgent Data Recovery

– $250.00 for Urgent Data Recovery – where the data is recovered and returned within 48 hours

4. The client understands that the actual results may vary from the assessment, due to errors encountered when the data recovery is actually performed, and the client accepts the terms and conditions laid out here.

5. The client will select one of the following RECOVERY options (No additional charge)

A) Recover ALL files possible.

B) Limit the recovery to specific files/folders, which the client will list.

6. The client will select one of the following MEDIA options – choosing what the data returned is on.

A) The client supplies a replacement media drive large enough for the recovery.     In some cases the existing media can be used, if it is (in our opinion) suitable for reuse.

This option incurs No additional charge.

B) Tailormade IT Solutions supplies replacement media, selecting the closest match (in our opinion) available.     This option will have a price estimated at time, due to fluctuating hardware prices.

C) Tailormade IT Solutions supplies replacement media, selecting the wisest (in our opinion) replacement product.     This option will have a price estimated at time, due to fluctuating hardware prices.

D) Depending on the size of the recovery, Tailormade IT Solutions can provide the client with login details to either or a Cloud Drive, where they can download their data securely.  Any data uploaded to the Tailormade IT Solutions website using this option may be deleted after 30 days.

This option will incur an additional $25 fee.

7. The client understands and agrees that payment will be supplied before recovered data is released back to the client.



Please visit this page to submit your data recovery preferences.


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