Audio cassette to MP3

audio cassette to mp3

Tailormade IT Solutions offers an LP record and audio cassette to MP3 conversion service.

Audio cassette tapes and vinyl records have a short lifespan. The fine cassette tape and record vinyl is easily damaged by heat, cold, moisture or dust, and can lose its image or sound quality. However you can preserve your valuable audio by arranging professional LP record and/or audio cassette to MP3 conversion with Tailormade IT Solutions.


Converting your old LP’s / audio cassette tapes in to MP3 format¬†is much more affordable than you think.


Contact Tailormade IT Solutions if you have audio that you would like converted from cassette or record into MP3 digital audio format. We convert your cassette tapes and records using high quality audio conversion equipment, and provide you with MP3 file(s). We can also create playable audio/MP3 CDs and remove hissing/popping from the audio track.


Here’s an example MP3 taken from your average, old cassette tape.¬† It is a recording of Sign of Victory by Chocolate Starfish.



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Visit our Contact Us page to enquire further about LP record and audio cassette to MP3 conversions.

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