Protecting data on your USB sticks

Everyone using USB sticks to transport valuable information should be using encryption – just in case it is lost.


In the news recently, the Dept of Defence has lost a USB drive containing sensitive health information of military personnel and their families. The data was on an unprotected USB drive misplaced by a researcher flying from Brisbane to Canberra on 11 May 2012. Source: Sydney Morning Herald




Tailormade IT Solutions has created a video that demonstrates how to protect your data by creating an encrypted USB stick using TrueCrypt, and shows the error message encountered if someone finds and tries to access the USB.

USB + TrueCrypt = Protection


Tailormade IT Solutions uses TrueCrypt encrypted USB sticks whenever transporting sensitive information.

TrueCrypt is FREE, open-source, disk encryption software and can be used to encrypt USB drives/Memory sticks – protecting your information in the event that you lose it.

Be wiser than the Dept of Defence and use it !

Download TrueCrypt

Available for Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OSX, and Linux.