USB stick pictures

usb stick pictures

Some clients recently noticed all my memory cards and USB sticks have pictures, making it much easier to identify which stick is which when trying to save a file on to one.


This can be performed using Windows autorun pictures.

To complete this, you’ll need a picture in icon (.ico) format.  You can either download an icon file, from sites such as or make your own icon from any picture, using an Icon Editor program such as Greenfish Icon Editor Pro.


Step 1Verbatim 32GB Store N Go USB

Locate a picture of your USB stick.  I try to find an exact picture of the stick, using a Google Image Search.  In this case I searched for “Verbatim 32GB Store n Go USB”

View the picture, Right click on it and select ‘Save picture as’, and save it to your desktop.


Step 2

To transform the picture in to an icon file, I used Greenfish Icon Editor Pro.  The video below demonstrates how easily that’s done.

Save the icon file directly into the USB stick, as ICON.ICO, making sure you save the file in ‘.ico’ icon format.


Step 3

Create a text file on the USB stick, called AUTORUN.INF which contains the following code:



*Some additional notes about autorun are at the bottom of this post.

Step 4

Finally, I make both the icon and autorun files read only and hidden, using Windows Explorer – selecting both files > Right click > Properties and ticking the Read Only and Hidden check boxes.


usb stick pictures - read only autorun



All done – Just remove and remount the USB drive to see your changes.


Video Tutorial

The following video demonstrates how it’s done.


YouTube  Video URL:


Note: The same method can also be used to identify Memory Cards and Hard Drives.


Some notes about autorun:

The autorun feature has many more options, such as the label option, which names the USB stick – eg: “label=MyUSBDrive”.


Autorun is quite an old feature, first introduced with Windows 95.  The option commonly abused is the “open=Setup.exe”.  This has been abused to automatically run malicious software, without the user knowing.

This was patched at some point during the life of Windows, and Windows must now be configured to allow Autorun.inf to launch items.

An Autorun command reference is located at: