Google Navigation 3D View

Google Navigation 3D ViewGoogle Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance, available free for Android smartphones.

A few people have asked how to change their settings to use Google Navigation 3D view.


Indeed, searching the internet returns many results like this one:

“Last Friday my Navigation worked fine, NOW it only shows a top down view when driving. The GPS works, it follows me on the streets with a blue arrow, but north is always up and there is no 3D view.”

If you are having this problem – here’s the solution.

There is a feature on Google Navigation that gives you a 3D drive simulation when you click on a small icon that is nearly impossible to find.

If you start Google Navigation and are presented with the 2D view (shown below) then you need to tap the ‘Compass button’ which is circled in red below.


A Close up of the Compass button is shown below.  Tapping this button will flip between Google Navigation 3D view and 2D views.

Google Navigation 3D view

Please note: The Compass button only becomes active once Google Navigation has connected to the GPS satellites.