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Most of us use the cameras built into our smartphones, but many people are not aware that when they snap a picture, personal data may be embedded inside the picture.


This data is referred to as ‘exchangeable image file format‘ (or EXIF) data and can include your exact location using GPS co-ordinates.  If that picture is then uploaded to the internet, another person can download the picture and inspect the EXIF image data, pinpointing you.

peeping eyeIn a previous post on this topic, I mentioned how EXIF image data was used by the FBI and Australian Federal Police to track down a member of the hacker group ”CabinCr3w”.  This occurred again more recently when John McAfee (founder of McAfee Antivirus) was located after a reporter published online a picture of the two, which contained GPS co-ordinates of his (once) secret location. (Source)

While the Location services can be turned off in the settings of your smartphone, they can also be a useful feature.

Another option is to scrub the EXIF data from the image using an app on your smartphone. I have been using an Android app called Photo Editor  (Google Play Store link)

Android Photo Editor






EXIF Image Data competition – Can you find me ?
Tailormade IT Solutions EXIF Image Data Competition Entry Picture

Competition Entry Picture: Can you find the address in this photo ??

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Can you find my address ?

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