Encrypted backups using DropBox

DropBox is a very handy service which many people use to backup data.  They offer free 2GB accounts which allow you to store backups off site.

I’m sure Dropbox is an excellent company with its user’s interests at heart, I simply wanted an additional layer of privacy and security to an already great, and secure, service.

I’m working on a new backup application, which will automatically convert a specified folder of data into an encrypted vault, and then upload the vault to the DropBox website.  This will occur automatically at a set time.

Encrypted DropBox

Tip: Ensure your backup data is always encrypted when stored online.

This means that before your backups leave the computer you physically control and own, they’re encrypted.  They stay encrypted while being synchronized, until they’re back in your physical control.


Update: The main programming code was quite short and now is in beta testing.

Run(TrueCrypt & ” /v ” & $VaultName & ” /lx /p ” & $Password & ” /a /q /b /s”)
DirCopy($SourceFolder, “X:\” & $VaultName, 1)
Run(TrueCrypt & ” /q /d”)
FileCopy($VaultName, $DropBoxFolder, 9)