Digital Image data

Users of digital cameras and smartphones should be aware that when they snap a picture, personal data may be embedded inside the picture. It’s referred to as EXIF data, and can include the Camera Make/Model, Date taken, GPS co-ordinates, etc.


If that picture is then uploaded to the internet, another person may download the picture and inspect the image data, including your GPS location.


Digital Image Security


In fact, EXIF Image data was recently used by the FBI and Australian Federal Police to track down a member of the hacker group ”CabinCr3w”.

“According to the FBI, data taken from the picture showed it was taken by an iPhone. GPS co-ordinates taken from the photo also pinpointed the exact Wantirna South street and house where it was taken.”



You can edit/remove this data from your images using EXIF Data Viewer, available on our Downloads page. This allows you to upload pictures to the internet without giving away personal information. Another option is to convert your JPG picture in to PNG format (which does not support embedded EXIF data) and upload the PNG file instead.


EXIF Dataviewer