Windows 8 Release Preview

There has been lots of buzz about the new Windows 8 – some good, some bad.

Windows 8 includes a new user interface (UI) called “Metro” which is primarily designed for touch-screen devices.

Windows 8 Metro Start menu

Windows 8 Metro Start menu – Clicking the Desktop tile will lead the user to the traditional desktop.

Windows 8 traditional desktop

Windows 8 Traditional Desktop

Users wanting to access Windows 8 Media Centre will need to purchase Windows 8 Professional edition.

Windows 8 is due to be released in June 2012.

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Upgrading to faster USB

USB3.0 Logo


Are you tired of waiting around for data to finish copying to and from USB sticks ?

Wish your transfers and backups could be faster ? They probably can… You are most likely using an outdated USB 2.0 connection, and USB 3.0 offers speeds up to 10 times faster !

USB3.0 v USB2.0 speed graph


Tailormade I.T. Solutions can cheaply upgrade your current PC to USB 3.0 specifications, by adding a USB 3.0 expansion card to your computer system.

USB3.0 card

You can then enjoy the benefits of the new generation of USB 3.0 sticks/drives. USB 3.0 is also backwards compatible so all your old, slow USB 2.0 drives will work too.

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