Aussie TV Roundup

Australian TV Online Catchup

Have you missed a show on Free-to-air TV recently? You may not know that most of our Australian TV networks offer an online ‘catch-up’ service, where you can watch recently broadcast episodes online.

Below is an Aussie TV Roundup of our free-to-air TV stations online content, where you can watch Australian TV & news online for free.


ABC iView:


Channel 7 Network:

7 –

7mate –


Channel 9 Network:

(Includes catchup content from Channel Nine, GO! and GEM)


Channel 10 Network:

10 –

One –

11 –


SBS TV Network:


BigPond/AFL TV:


Note: If you are overseas you may find these sites are blocked by your IP address. If so you may want to look into using a VPN service.

Online Privacy

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Using TrueCrypt to protect important information

TrueCrypt is FREE, open-source, disk encryption software and can create encrypted containers (as shown in the video) and it can also be used to encrypt a whole USB drive/Memory stick – protecting your information in the event that you lose it.

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Internet Radio using Windows Media Centre

Listen to radio from all over the world with Windows 7 Media Centre and TuneIn Internet Radio. In this short video, we connect to LA 96.3 FM in Los Angeles to show just how easy it is.

Internet Radio and TV is a feature included on Tailormade IT Solutions Home Media Centre PCs.

Media Centre PC


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Sharing files with family, friends and colleagues is easy, but what if they don’t have the appropriate software to view the content? The solution is to send them a PDF file rather than a Word, Excel, Photoshop or other file types.

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