Data Servers

Netgear ReadyNAS duoLooking for an efficient way to share, backup and remotely access your data?  If so, you need a data server, otherwise known as Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

The Netgear ReadyNAS Duo is one example of a network attached box that holds two hard drives.  It connects to your router by LAN cable, using 1000 Mbps ports.  It also includes 1x USB 2.0 on the front of the device, and 2x USB 3.0 ports at the rear.

Netgears setup software allows you to create shared and/or private folders on the data server.  The data server also allows remote access to the devices folders, using VPN.

I installed a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo for a small business client recently.  This would also be very useful in the home environment, where the data server holds your media collection, making it available to all PCs in your home, and also allows you to remotely access the data server from work to retrieve an important document – while your PC is safely turned off.


If you would like to discuss a data server, contact Tailormade IT Solutions.

Now accepting Seniors Cards

Our application to the Victorian Seniors Card program has been accepted and Tailormade IT Solutions is now authorized to display this logo and offer Seniors Card discounts to eligible card holders.


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10% discount on all services for Seniors Card Holders


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The dangers of password reuse

With so many passwords to remember now days, and increasing security about how long, how complex, and how often they must be changed – it’s no surprise many of us reuse the same password on multiple websites.

Many websites


Unfortunately a current trend of hackers is to publicize usernames/passwords obtained from hacking websites, by posting them online for all to see. People have taken the information and logged on to people’s personal sites: taking money from PayPal accounts, replacing dating site profile pictures with pornographic images, and engaging in chats using other people’s Facebook accounts.


Time to make technology work for you.

The following video shows two methods used and recommended by Tailormade IT Solutions to overcome this problem.


Fingerprint Scanner

By using a fingerprint scanner, you can store a variety of complex passwords and just logon to your PC and/or web sites with a swipe of your finger. A lot of new laptops come with fingerprint scanners, and for other users USB fingerprint scanners are available.

The big benefit of fingerprint scanners are:


Password File

Keeping a password file stored safely inside a TrueCrypt encrypted vault ensures that you have a backup/reference of them. TrueCrypt supports AES encryption (which is used by the US military to encrypt data up to the top secret level)

How safe is TrueCrypt: Lets look at a real world story.

The Brazilian National Institute of Criminology tried for five months to obtain access to the encrypted data of a Brazilian banker suspected of financial crimes without success, before turning over the job to code-breakers at the FBI in early 2009. US computer specialists also drew a blank even after 12 months of efforts to crack the code.



The big benefits of using TrueCrypt are:

  • All passwords are stored securely and can be accessed by remembering one password – the TrueCrypt password.
  • As the password file is located on a secure USB stick, it is transportable.

Available for Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OSX, and Linux.


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Tailormade IT Solutions is now listed on, the online directory of Australian businesses, giving potential customers another avenue to find quality IT support at an affordable price.


According to True Local, 8.6 million business searches are made across their network each month. Their new mobile site makes searching for businesses while on the move very easy.


The Tailormade IT Solutions TrueLocal page


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Protecting data on your USB sticks

Everyone using USB sticks to transport valuable information should be using encryption – just in case it is lost.


In the news recently, the Dept of Defence has lost a USB drive containing sensitive health information of military personnel and their families. The data was on an unprotected USB drive misplaced by a researcher flying from Brisbane to Canberra on 11 May 2012. Source: Sydney Morning Herald




Tailormade IT Solutions has created a video that demonstrates how to protect your data by creating an encrypted USB stick using TrueCrypt, and shows the error message encountered if someone finds and tries to access the USB.

USB + TrueCrypt = Protection


Tailormade IT Solutions uses TrueCrypt encrypted USB sticks whenever transporting sensitive information.

TrueCrypt is FREE, open-source, disk encryption software and can be used to encrypt USB drives/Memory sticks – protecting your information in the event that you lose it.

Be wiser than the Dept of Defence and use it !

Download TrueCrypt

Available for Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Gift Certificates Now Available

Tailormade IT Solutions now offers Gift Certificates, purchased securely through PayPal. The perfect gift for anyone with computer problems or computer learning needs.

PayPal Gift Vouchers Available

So if you want to buy quality IT support for a friend, gift certificates can be purchased in any amount from $25 upwards, using Mastercard/Visa Debit/Credit cards.

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Tailormade IT Solutions is now accepting payments via PayPal, including Mastercard/Visa Debit/Credit cards (with no PayPal Account required).


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This brings the variety of payment methods avaiable to: Cash, Bank Transfer, Visa/MasterCard Debit/Credit cards and PayPal.

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