Avoid banking trojans

There are reports that a new bank account raiding Trojan, called Hesperbot, is doing the rounds.  This Trojan uses an old design flaw, found in ALL versions of Microsoft Windows.

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These viruses try to trick users into running a malicious Windows executable, cunningly named with a .pdf.exe file extension.

For example, a program named “MyTrojan.pdf.exe” will show as “MyTrojan.pdf” to most Windows users.  With the addition of a PDF icon, users are duped into opening what they think is a PDF file.


These type of attacks can be easily vaccinated against with one simple change of settings:

Set your Windows Explorer to show the extensions for known files.


There are a number of ways to access these settings – such as using the Control Panel / Folder Options / View Tab, or from inside Windows Explorer / View / Options / View tab.

Microsoft continues to hide extensions by default.  If only they set Windows to show extensions by default, this attack vector would not exist.